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Hello! My name is Alex Draisey & I am a professional guitar teacher based in Swansea.

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Alex Draisey Guitar Teacher
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Alex Draisey
Expereinced Guitar Player

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Swansea! My name is Alex and I am an experienced guitar teacher and musician, helping students of all ages to learn to play the guitar through learning the music that they are passionate about.

I have over 8 years experience teaching guitar to all levels, including many beginner students, on a one to one basis as well as group lessons.

I can cover a wide range of different genres, including rock/pop/metal/blues/acoustic and classical and would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar whatever your preferred style.

I am a qualified guitar teacher, having studied at the Atrium in Cardiff, where I graduated with a BSc (Hons) award in Music and Sound Technology. This provided me with a useful knowledge into not only recording engineering and audio electronics but also into songwriting, production and music theory - knowledge that I can draw on during our lessons, helping me to provide a holistic approach to playing the guitar and music.

Alongside my guitar tuition, I am an experienced musician with over 15 years experience as a guitarist and over 10 years experience in the music industry.

“Alex is a fantastic guitar teacher based here in Swansea. His passion for playing the guitar is infectious, really helping me develop my ability on guitar and play the songs I love.”

As such I can offer very detailed and productive lessons in both technique and theory, for those students who are at an intermediate to advanced level looking to progress with their guitar playing.

Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced guitarist I can help you develop your guitar playing to that next level.

To find out more about my guitar lessons don't hesitate to email me on info@guitarlessonsswansea.com or call 03455 086739.

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